Em Marshall is a singer songwriter who lives on the fringes of Dartmoor in Devon. Alongside arrangements of traditional material, her songs are snapshot chapters of her story so far; from the life spent growing up in an ex-mining town in the Midlands, the twists and turns of the heart, to the tangled roads that led far and out into the wider world.

She began her travelling days very early, substituting secondary school with time spent in East London and grades for a broader education of living in trucks and caravans, busking and travelling around the UK with a group of inspirational musicians.
After a time without a home, Em first left England aged 16 and subsequently spent many years travelling and performing with undocumented folk band Pigs Ear and other musicians in convoy through France, Spain and beyond as far as Australia, supplementing music income by whatever means were around, often farm and grape picking work.

Her travels were curtailed however, when the motorbike she was pillion to crashed in southern India, leaving her with serious and lasting physical damage. Eventually, after a long and lonely convalescence in the mountains, she came to Devon to recover body and soul in the moors and valleys and has been loving them since.

Alongside solo performing , she has played extensively throughout the UK with Devon folk duo Crow Puppets, and Tim Jones and the Dark Lanterns. Her vocal style carries a rare richness of sentiment, and with it conveys a sense of tenderness, longing and reflection.

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